When you have legal concerns, you want to know that you can turn to someone you trust for knowledgeable, skilled, and caring counsel. I have protected central Texans in divorce and child custody cases for over forty years. My goal is to get you the best result possible with the least emotional and financial cost.


For most people, divorce presents the most complex legal problems

they will encounter in their lifetimes. I have the experience to negotiate

from a position of strength.  If your case doesn’t settle, then we will help

you prepare for trial so that your interests are heard by the judge or jury.


My legal assistant is Kelly Youngberg.  We have been an efficient team

for seventeen years.  We are small enough to be responsive to our clients.

We don’t want you to suffer a single sleepless night worrying about an

unanswered question. Your phone calls are returned; your questions answered.


Sometimes the decision to divorce has not been made when people schedule

their first confidential meeting. For those cases, we provide guidance, but no

pressure.  You will need the tools to make this important decision.


Most people tell us that they feel better after the initial interview.

Less afraid.  Less confused.  Stronger.


Call us for an appointment. 512-484-3400